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International Debt Recovery Services

Exports are vital for any country. It neutralizes the burden of dollar based imports, and thereby strengthens the economy. However, exports also bring with it the ills of business rifts and associated legal hassles. One of the repercussions of export trade is unpaid bills, overdue invoices and the growing list of defaulting / obstinate clients. It not only eats the profits of the company but also prevents it from attaining its future plans and growth targets. This is especially true in case of exporters bad debt recovery.

Unpaid invoices can also exert any business towards insolvency.

Pahwa Impex, provides soft debt recovery services in India and from overseas with impeccable success rate. How? Pahwa Impex exploits several pre-litigation avenues such as liaising with the defaulting client, credit manager, bringing both the parties on the negotiation table. Most of the differences are actually sorted out here. We know the importance of this strategy and therefore follow it vehemently and thereby reach an agreement vis-à-vis payment timeframe.

We have rich experience in debt recovery and international trade practices which we use it to the fullest to end financial stalemate between two business entities. Mentioned below are some of the debt recovery steps adopted by us.

1. Knowing the debtor – If the need arises, we track down the debtor using our extensive network of business associates, nationally and internationally. 2. Initiating talks – This also includes establishing facts and reasons for nonpayment of bills or refusal to co-operate. 3. Relationship – At every step we make sure we maintain a healthy relationship with the debtor. 4. Solution/s – Finding solutions for an amicable settlement. This typically requires several rounds of meetings. If the parties fail to come to an understanding then we step in. We have years of experience in debt collecting, enjoy multifaceted negotiating skills, and therefore in a position to offer innovative resolution.

Yet another area where we are active is reporting the creditworthiness of business entities. In today's uncertain times it is advisable to know your customer before signing on the dotted line or shaking hands. It makes sense to check their financial capabilities and market standing. We provide a detailed account which help business entities to make informed decision, especially exporters.

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