There are thousands of products and goods that are exported by the Indian companies. While most of them do not carry any tag of government notification or restrictions there are a few categories that require additional permit. RCMC or Registration Cum Membership Certificate is a documentation issued by Export Promotion Councils which acts as a gateway or a proof that the concerned exporter is registered with the elite body. A point to note – this membership certificate is also issued by CommoditiesBoard of India.The validity of RCMC is 5 years

Why do exporters need to apply for RCMC or Registration Cum Membership Certificate ? Mentioned below are some of the situations or reasons :

1. As mentioned earlier, it is mandatory for export firms who either import or export restricted items 2. Any individual or firm who wants to exploit incentives / concessions such as duty drawback under FTP or Foreign Trade Policy 3. Person / firms in need of duty credit scripts

What are the documents required to register with the Council or obtain RCMC Certification? Some of the essential requirements are mentioned below :

1. Self-Attested I.E. Code copy.Importer and Exporter code is essential for any merchant exporter applying for RCMC 2. For Manufacturer Exporter it is essential to submit DIC/SSI/MSME certification 3. Partnership Deed or Memorandum of Article of Association – depending on the type of company formation etc

The applicant/s need to register either as a Merchant Exporter or Manufacturing Exporter.An appropriate Export Promotional Council or Commodities Board has to be selected as per the category of good/s. Products not covered by the Council will have to be registered via FIEO(Federation of Indian Exporters Organisation).Exporters can also register with FIEO in case they export goods from a broad range of categories

Exporters need to understand that there several EPC's and Commodity boards. Choosing the right one to register is of paramount importance otherwise it may cause export hassles later on. Pahwa Impex is a one-stop solution for exporters who are looking for RCMC Certification, Digital Signature of Class 2 & 3 and other related services

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