Sale & Purchase Of MEIS/SEIS Licenses

Pahwa Impex (P) Ltd, are pioneers in the field of Exim laws and foreign trade policies. We help exporters with an array of export related services. These include sale / purchase of MEIS / SEIS licenses, the big time promotion schemes by the government, in the form of credit scripts. These mechanisms were introduced in April, 2015 under the Foreign Trade policy.

These Duty Credit Scripts or licenses are issued under the following schemes

MEIS or Merchandise Exports from India Scheme SEIS or Services Exports from India Scheme

Exporters typically earn anywhere between 2 to 7% on the exported FOB value, subject to the type of goods and the country of export. These duty scripts are eligible for transfer or outright sale to those entities who are seeking the same. However, due to entry of unscrupulous elements and oversight / ignorance on the part of exporters the true value of credit script is often misappropriated. There have been instances where dummy credit scripts have been transferred. The need of the hour today is for a transparent dealing in these transferable incentives issued by the government to exporters.

Pahwa Impex is committed to raise the bar while addressing these issues. We have a dedicated list of buyers and sellers, and over a period of time have developed and deployed fullproof system for a safe and reliable transfer / sale of credit scripts / export incentives under various schemes. We offer top rates and innovative solutions related to these schemes in terms of fetching best price, validation of credit scripts, etc.

Some of the salient features for buying and selling credit scripts are mentioned below :

1. The credit script is sold when the exporter has no use of the incentives and the fact that it is actually the only profit this entity would make 2. Some export firms may need them to pay customs duty, anti-dumping duty, etc 3. For sellers it typically means converting credit into cash and utilising the same for productive purposes 4. For sellers it typically means buying a value based credit script at a discount

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